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Regardless of one’s interests, human nature tells us much enjoyment is to be had by sharing successes and/or tips with others.  We hope this blog can be a platform to share our experiences with various fabric and sewing related encounters.  We also hope to hear from you and engage in some conversation about the various happenings on the blog.

Our first sewing project and pattern review post will showcase a sample sewn for displaying some of the fabric for sale in the shop.  We chose the Colette Beignet pattern.  CLOTH’s wide button assortment encourages us to include buttons in projects whenever we can!

The fabric is a Japanese cotton canvas by Cosmo.  The fiber is a loose weave with a slightly coarse feel (similar to linen) and gorgeous colors and design.

The skirt came together really well and was a lot of fun to make.  The only enhancement we made was to add a black stripe down the front as a design feature.  The instructions were very well written and gave a great step-by-step approach to the construction.

The only struggle came at the very end with those belt loops.  The fabric chosen is a heavier cotton with a coarse weave, making pliability difficult to turn the belt loops.  The instructions direct you to sew a tube and then turn the tube right side out to form the belt loops.  Due to the nature of our fabric, this was very difficult and really did not work.


I tried two different methods as a possible solution.  First, I cut the strip on the bias, sewed the tube and attempted to turn the tube right side out.   I thought for sure this would do the trick since fabric cut on the bias is easier to manipulate but no such luck.  Next, I cut the strip wide enough so I could fold it in half, press, open it up, fold the sides to the center, press, fold in half, press, sew the tube closed, press.  Viola!  Belt loops complete!  No tube turning!  Granted this method shows the stitching on each side of the belt loops but I can live that.  Project complete and considered a success!  Thanks for a great pattern, Colette Patterns!




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